Who am I?
 In 2016, during my junior of high school, my father taught me how to sew. From there, I continued to independently develop my skills and techniques. Since arriving at Indiana University, I am passionate about sustainability. I've made an effort to only use secondhand fabric, notions, and supplies on all personal and school projects. I started my own business named "Rebloomed Clothes" in 2017. The focus of Rebloomed is to upcycle and refashion clothing that already exists and then resell it using Instagram. I recognized the university social structure built around sporting events, and the constant need for unique IU branded clothing as well as the glut of "IU wear" in all of the second hand stores in town. I built a loyal following of undergraduates who look for my latest Rebloomed clothing on a regular basis. I began by upcycling college gear but, have now expanded to include altering and upcycling dead stock apparel from bars and restaurants around town, that would otherwise be discarded into a landfill. I own and operate this small business while also being a full time Fashion Design Student at IU. My current goal is to transform the fashion industry from within to make it more sustainable and inclusive.