"IU student, @just_daisin has been making masks to help the corona virus efforts" - RSO Indiana  
"Community members hand-make masks for individuals, hospitals during pandemic" - Lauren McLaughlin
"IU sophomore Daisy May creates and cultivates sustainability through Rebloomed Clothes" - Kelsey Blaylock
"At first sight, Daisy May seems like your average college student. But what you may not know is that she is a force to be reckoned with. Running two businesses centered around upcycling, on top of a full course load, May is continuously on the move." - Allie Coppedge
"Rebloomed Clothes owner promotes sustainable fashion practices" - Madison Smalstig
"Daisy May is #MakingIUHistory with her business Rebloomed Clothes, which upcycles used IU apparel to raise awareness of the wastefulness in the fashion industry."                   - IU Art and Design 
"Rebloomed Clothes & Erode Apparel Making Custom Upcycled Fashions" - Lee Sandweiss
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